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The brown wolf screamed in terror. Flailing his arms everywhere, rubbing his hair. How could this have happened? The blonde boy punched his face.                          
"Calm down dude! What're you screaming about anyway?"                    
The brown wolf quickly thought of something he could say.                              
"I-um thought I saw a..... hobo?" He said unsurely.
The blonde boy shrugged.
"They are pretty creepy."
"So what's your name?" The brown wolf asked.
"Harry Harvey. What's yours?" Harry asked.  
The brown wolf didn't know how to respond. How do you tell a human you don't have a name? He quickly thought of a name, but couldn't' think of one.
"You look like a Daniel." Harry said, rubbing his chin.
"Cause I am one. A Daniel." The brown wolf said, faking a smile.                      
"There's someone I want you to meet." Harry said, grabbing his friend dragging him to a house.
"You're gonna like her." Harry suggests.          
The brown wolf- or Daniel- wasn't' so sure. Mostly because he never met a human girl.          
"Drew!" Harry shouts, startling Daniel.                                                        
A girl that looked 18 came down the stairs, she was beautiful. She had long curly black hair and blue eyes. She wore a blue striped shirt with drooping shoulder sleeves, short shorts, and black sneakers.                                                                                 "What?" The girl asked, crossing her arms. She had a mean tone in her voice.                  
"Daniel, this is my sister Drew, Drew this is Daniel." Harry replied, in a nicer tone.    
Daniel waved. She waved back, making him blush.            
"Where're your parents?" Drew asked, smiling.                    
"I don't have any." Daniel lied.                          
"You mean they died?" Harry guessed.                            
"Yes. My mother died when I was born, and my father died from cancer when I was little." Daniel lied again.                                                            
He just kept saying more and more lies. It made him feel bad and guilty.  
"Well we know someone who's looking for a child." Drew shrugged.            
Just then, a man and woman walked in. The woman had long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white v-neck, jeans, and sneakers. The man had brown hair and brown eyes. He had on a red striped shirt, jeans, and sneakers.                                  
"Hey Anna, hey Greg." Drew and Harry said in unison.                              
"Hello. Who's your friend?" Anna asked.                
"Daniel." Harry replied.                                              
"He doesn't have any parents." Drew said smiling, raising an eyebrow.                          
Anna stroked Daniel's cheek.                                        
"I'm sorry to hear that." She said sympathetically.                                    
Daniel blushed, rubbing the back of his neck.                      
"Why don't we take him? We always wanted a child!" Greg asked.                                
"Honey, I don't know. Daniel seems like a great child but we can't just take him." Anna protested.
"Sure you could. It's not like I have anywhere better to go." Daniel offered.
"Our last name's Jackson, by the way." Greg blurted out.
"DO you have a middle name?" Anna asked.
The brown wolf thought about it, and saw a name on the computer from far away. It came into focus.
"Daniel James Jackson. It's perfect." Anna held onto Greg's hand.
Daniel smiled about his new name. Daniel James Jackson.
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